Shipping Release Form

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to pick up items from Potter & Potter Auctions, Inc. for the auction held on: --


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I hereby agree to release my items to the above listed shipper and their listed agents, if applicable, to pickup my items, coordinate shipping logistics, and collect payment for all services rendered, as they relate to the transportation and/or storage of merchandise won at public auction. Potter & Potter Auctions will assist in the in the claim process if damage or loss occurs to the merchandise prior to shipping. I am aware that the submission of this form removes Potter & Potter Auctions, Inc. of all liability related to damage, theft, and/or loss of my merchandise once items are released to the above listed shipper. I understand that once merchandise has left the auction house, Potter & Potter Auctions will no longer be involved in any aspect of shipping the above listed lots/invoice number. By clicking the submitting this form, you agree to all the above listed terms and conditions.