The Golden Age of Magic Posters

The response to our Golden Age of Magic Posters catalog has been overwhelming! Thanks to everyone who has sent in Nielsen Coverpraise and compliments regarding the quality of the catalog. Several bidders called to indicate that they had "received a book in the mail by accident," but then later realized they had, in fact, received an auction catalog. 

No matter what you think of the catalog, be sure to mark next Saturday in your calendar: June 25, 2016. The sale of the first half of the Nielsen collection of vintage magic posters begins promtply at 10:00 am that morning. We're offering a truly splendid assortment in this auction, from rare and unique images to classics and contemporary posters, as well. There's something in every size (from billboards to handbills) and every price range (from $50.00 to $50,000.00). It has been some 10 years or more since an auction of this magnitude has been conducted, and we hope you won't sit on the sidelines with your hands in your lap.

Contact us immediately if you wish to make phone or absentee bidding arrangements, or to request a condition report on specific poster(s). We are happy to help! Good luck, as always, to everyone who participates in the auction.

Oh, and don't forget - part two of this historic pair of auctions takes place in early 2017 with an equally stunning catalog to match. Watch this space!


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