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Exceptional Results:

  • Kellar "Centipede" Lithograph

    Kellar "Centipede" Lithograph

    One-sheet. Strobridge Litho, ca. 1898.

    Sold for $7,000.00

  • Fred Kaps' Rabbit from Cane

    Fred Kaps' Rabbit from Cane

    The great Dutch magician Fred Kaps produced a live rabbit from the tip of this cane on the Ed Sullivan show.

    Sold for $4,800.00

  • Minchiate Pack

    Minchiate Pack

    Minchiate Pack with Portuguese Suits. Italy, ca. 1827. JFB, Viterbo or Rome. Carte Fine di Roma. Single figured, stencil colored woodcut, square corners wraparound turned over edges, no indices.

    Sold for $3,120.00

  • Okito "Shadowist" Lithograph

    Okito "Shadowist" Lithograph

    Strobridge Litho. Co., ca. 1908. Half sheet (20 x 30 ½") color lithograph of the great Dutch magician.

    Sold for $20,400.00

  • Houdini's Double Fold Death Defying Water Mystery

    Houdini's Double Fold Death Defying Water Mystery

    Houdini’s Double Fold Death Defying Water Mystery. American, ca. 1909. Houdini and his brother Hardeen escaped from this locked box, and the locked and liquid-filled milk can inside it.

    Sold for $66,000.00

  • Germain's Mummy Trick

    Germain's Mummy Trick

    The Bonus Genius (vanishing mummy) trick used by Karl Germain and carved for him by his father.

    Sold for $6,000.00

  • The Original Mullica Wallet

    The Original Mullica Wallet

    The original Mullica wallet, used by its creator, Tom Mullica in his many appearances at the Tom-Foolery, on television, and other private performances.

    Sold for $9,600.00

  • Jay Marshall's "Lefty" Puppet

    Jay Marshall's "Lefty" Puppet

    Glove puppet rabbit crafted from two white dress gloves by Jay Marshall himself.

    Sold for $6,000.00

  • Matthew Buchinger Engraving

    Matthew Buchinger Engraving

    Engraved portrait of Matthew Buchinger, the "Little Man of Nuremburg." Large and handsome steel engraving of the celebrated performer who, despite having no hands or legs, was an accomplished artist, musician, engraver, and magician (noted for his cup and ball work). London, 1724.

    Sold for $3,360.00

  • H.C. Evans Six Arrow Spindle

    H.C. Evans Six Arrow Spindle

    H.C. Evans Carnival Mexican Six Arrow Spindle. Chicago, ca. 1920.

    Sold for $2,280.00

  • Cased Ivory Poker Chips

    Cased Ivory Poker Chips

    Set of 220 Ivory Poker Chips With Case. The name “Canfield, 38, House” engraved on a brass star on the inner rack.

    Sold for $8,400.00

  • Diana Layout

    Diana Layout

    Diana Layout. American, ca. 1890. Green felt layout surrounded by hand painted oil cloth playing cards on which to place bets, and hand painted oil cloth inserts at middle on which to also place bets. Diana was dealt from a double deck dealing box. Payoffs strongly favored the house, limiting its popularity and existence.

    Sold for $5,760.00

  • Dai Vernon Photograph

    Dai Vernon Photograph

    Portrait of magician Dai Vernon. New York, Hal Phyfe, ca. 1932. 5 x 7".

    Sold for $1,320.00

  • Inscribed Houdini Portrait

    Inscribed Houdini Portrait

    Bust portrait of Houdini, signed and inscribed to Paul Fox. Boldly signed and inscribed, "To Paul Fuchs/Best Wishes/Houdini/my brain is the key that sets me free/ 10/8/25."

    Sold for $3,600.00

  • Houdini Bust

    Houdini Bust

    Plaster Bust of Harry Houdini. Circa 1902.

    Sold for $12,000.00

  • Houdini King of Cards Lithograph

    Houdini King of Cards Lithograph

    Harry Houdini King of Cards. Chicago, National Printing and Engraving, ca. 1898.

    Sold for $20,400.00

  • Apache Playing Cards

    Apache Playing Cards

    Original Apache Playing Cards. Ca. 1880. 38 (of 40), VG (bowed as expected). Hand painted on leather with Spanish suit signs. Plain backs, rounded corners. Colors are predominantly red, yellow, blue and brown. 3 ½ x 2 ¼”.

    Sold for $11,400.00

  • Secret Mob Casino Ledgers

    Secret Mob Casino Ledgers

    Secret Gambling Ledgers and records from the El Patio Club. Cicero Illinois, 1936 - 1940. Five ledgers that record the wins and losses at the illegal gaming tables operated at El Patio and the Austin Club. These illegal suburban Chicago casinos were owned in part by Al Capone's bodyguard, Louis Campagna.

    Sold for $5,400.00

  • Houdini Poster Fragment

    Houdini Poster Fragment

    Houdini, Harry. Color lithographed poster fragment on page from ledger of Portland Theater, Maine, July 8, 1908, signed and inscribed. Lithograph fragment of a young Houdini in handcuffs signed and dated on the top of the ledger sheet, with part of the signature tied to the poster.

    Sold for $7,200.00

  • Houdini Spiritualism Scrapbook

    Houdini Spiritualism Scrapbook

    Important Houdini spiritualism scrapbook. A large scrapbook kept and used by Houdini in his last years, during an era in which his crusades against fraudulent spirit mediums were at their zenith.

    Sold for $43,200.00

  • Erdnase - First Edition

    Erdnase - First Edition

    World record price for a first edition of S.W. Erdnase's Expert at the Card Table, one of the most famous and sought-after books on gambling and sleight-of-hand.

    Sold for $13,200.00

  • Secret Cigar Box Punchboard

    Secret Cigar Box Punchboard

    Cigar Box Punchboard. This Lucky Bird punch board could be easily hidden from view in plain sight of lawmen, as it has been concealed in the shell of a cigars box. Ca. 1950.

    Sold for $510.00

  • Cardini's Stage-Worn Tuxedo

    Cardini's Stage-Worn Tuxedo

    Custom-tailored tuxedo worn by Cardini in hundreds if not thousands of performances of his legendary act. Accompanied by a black seal fur top hat, boutonniere, dress shirt, collar, bow tie, spats, pocket handkerchief, and vest, together composing perhaps the most iconic costume of the most imitated magic act of the twentieth century.

    Sold for $72,000.00

  • Double-Duty Chuck Wheel

    Double-Duty Chuck Wheel

    Bookmaker's Double-Duty Chuck Wheel. American, ca. 1940. With a dice motif. 24" in diameter.

    Sold for $840.00

  • Dracula Insert Poster

    Dracula Insert Poster

    The only-known example of this insert poster for the 1947 re-release of Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi.

    Sold for $15,600.00

  • Regina Music Box

    Regina Music Box

    Regina 15 1/2" bow-front music box with twelve discs. Circa 1908. Coin-operated model. Two plays for five cents.

    Sold for $10,800.00

  • Cardini's Passport

    Cardini's Passport

    Cardini and Swan 1937 British passport. Expired passport for Cardini and his wife Swan, bearing portraits of both of them, numerous visas, and vital statistics. Their profession is listed as “theatrical.”

    Sold for $4,800.00

  • Cardini Silhouette by Vernon

    Cardini Silhouette by Vernon

    Silhouette of Cardini by Dai Vernon. Embellished with pen-and-ink. Inscribed and signed, “To Cardini The “Magical Genius” from his friend Dai W. Vernon (“sleightly” known).”

    Sold for $3,600.00

  • Cardini's Monocle

    Cardini's Monocle

    Gold-rimmed monocle worn and used by Cardini. 1 ½” in diameter. With sturdy leather case bearing the name “Glasses by Hansen/Jamaica” stamped in gold on the verso.

    Sold for $12,000.00

  • Cardini Charcoal Sketch

    Cardini Charcoal Sketch

    Original charcoal sketch of Cardini and Swan in costume, performing their world-famous vaudeville act. Cards cascade form one of his hands, billiard balls fill the other, a smoldering cigarette sits in his lips. Swan stands at the ready with a folded newspaper, and the clapping hands of an appreciative audience fill the foreground.

    Sold for $16,800.00

  • Latest Magic Manuscript

    Latest Magic Manuscript

    Original typewritten and handwritten manuscript for the last book by the most important of all authors in the modern conjuring pantheon. Over 200 typed 4to sheets, with virtually every one covered by notes in Hoffmann’s distinctive handwriting. The entire document housed in a handsome drop spine box with leather spine label.

    Sold for $15,600.00

  • Cinematograph Toy

    Cinematograph Toy

    Paris, ca. 1900. Early moving picture-type toy. With original fitted box, tension marble, handle, and three “films,” one featuring an acrobatic performance, one a cartoon magician, and one of David Devant, the great British conjurer.

    Sold for $3,360.00

  • The Discoverie of Witchcraft First Edition

    The Discoverie of Witchcraft First Edition

    The first edition of this famous work by Reginald Scot, published in London in 1584.

    Sold for $45,600.00

  • Royal Bayreuth Devil Candlestick

    Royal Bayreuth Devil Candlestick

    Candle Stick Holder (Tall Size). Devil & Card, Wing Handle, Royal Bayreuth. Circa 1930.

    Sold for $4,800.00

  • Will & Finck Casekeeper

    Will & Finck Casekeeper

    Will & Finck Carved Casekeeper. San Francisco, ca. 1890. Deeply carved, with ivory beads.

    Sold for $2,280.00

  • Jeu de Grotesque

    Jeu de Grotesque

    Jeu des Grotesque (Legerdemain or Binette). Ca. 1800. 32 (Complete). Hand colored on thin stock.

    Sold for $2,400.00

  • NY Consolidated Calendar

    NY Consolidated Calendar

    New York Consolidated Card Co. Foldout Calendar. 1899. Playing card size. Opens to reveal an 1899 calendar, and a pop-up joker holding a banner advertising the “Squeezer” brand.

    Sold for $900.00

  • French Blow Book

    French Blow Book

    [Blow Book] Ambigu Magique. French, ca. 1778. Marbled wrappers. Illustrated with hand-colored full page engraved plates.

    Sold for $12,000.00

  • Roulette-Style Carinval Game

    Roulette-Style Carinval Game

    Roulette-Style Carnival Game. Circa 1900. Folk art look. 18” high. Attractive hand painted graphics.

    Sold for $1,440.00

  • Selby Shells Poster

    Selby Shells Poster

    Blatchly. Selby Shells Co./Shotgun Shells Poster. San Francisco: Thomas H. Selby & Co., 1909.

    Sold for $2,337.00

  • Harry Anderson's "Grappler"

    Harry Anderson's "Grappler"

    "The Grappler" Holdout Machine owned and used by Harry Anderson on Saturday Night Live, and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

    Sold for $4,800.00

  • California Travel Poster

    California Travel Poster

    Stan Galli's classic travel poster for Southern California - an iconic design.

    Sold for $1,560.00

  • F.R. Ritter. Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker.

    F.R. Ritter. Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker.

    Ritter, F.R. Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker. N.p., 1905. Brown cloth stamped in gold. Illustrated with photographs. 4to. Light shelf wear at extremities and minor soiling and wear to cloth, but overall good condition. Scarce. One of fewer than 12 examples known.

    Sold for $19,200.00

  • Batmobile Friction Toy

    Batmobile Friction Toy

    Batmobile friction toy with original box. Japan, Aoshin, ca. 1966.

    Sold for $2,640.00